Strictly Siamese

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Conscientious, caring hobby breeder catering to Traditional and Classic Siamese cat lovers only. Our family-raised felines produce a variety of color points. Several pedigreed litters each year. Vet supervised with first shots. Kittens enjoy unrestricted access to our family, including the pet dog.  Since we are a retired couple, we have lots of time and love to dote on our babies.  Conveniently located an hour away from New York City in TomkinsCove, Rockland County, NY.

Since Siamese are so social, they thrive with a companion. So consider owning a pair especially if they are to be left alone for extended periods of time.  With this in mind, special consideration is given to those wanting companion kittens   We keep a waiting list and regularly alert all to upcoming litters and color point availability..








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